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Individual Counselling focuses on one client. It enables clients to talk through their issues with a caring but uninvolved professional in circumstances where other sources of support, such as family or friends, are too close or may be part of the problem. As such, clients may find it helpful to talk to an experienced counsellor in a confidential, non-judgmental setting.

At Directions, opportunities are provided for you to:

At Directions, I use a relational form of therapy to explore a person's emotions, thoughts, behaviours and spiritual dimensions. Both client and I are actively engaged in shaping this process as well as the outcomes of therapy. This approach stresses the importance of the individual's capacity for self-development and I work with you, the client, to realise these potentials. I also take into consideration the impact of relationships on the internal world of the client to explore the significance of social, cultural, religious and political aspects of experience.

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