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At Directions, I offer relationship counselling to help couples heal their wounds or recover from a communication breakdown. I offer a solution-focused approach which helps you to regain intimacy, respect and mutual understanding.

Couples counselling or relationship counselling, is a form of counselling which addresses communication problems and a loss of intimacy. I treat the relationship, rather than the individuals, as the 'client'.

Directions can help you build more realistic expectations, mutually satisfying compromise and deeper intimacy in relationships. It can also help couples to come to a more mutually satisfying and less conflicted break up, if that is what each person wants. Couples do not have to be sure either way. The counsellor is there to help them explore these issues in a safe and confidential way without fear of direct attack.

How couples counselling and relationship counselling can help:

If a relationship breaks down and no reconciliation can be made, I can also help couples mediate their way through separation or divorce counselling so a relationship does not have to end in messy disagreements, especially where children are concerned.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to arrange an appointment.

Download more information about Couples Counselling (PDF, 98kB)